A good quality of sleep is a fundamental requirement for a healthy life. Each of us spends about a third of our life resting: and it is precisely in the precious hours that we dedicate to rest that body and mind rebalance, allowing us to face everyday life with energy.

However, to guarantee a good quality of rest it is necessary to know which mattress we should choose, based on our needs, our physical structure and our likings.

Today, the mattress world offers many solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding person in terms of rest, allowing us to find the right mattress!

Our company, active in the sector since 1952, has always been at the forefront in offering to its customers the best possibilities for their rest: let’s see together how to orient ourselves to choose the right mattress!

The right mattress for everyone

Let’s start from a fact: the choice of a good mattress is closely related to the characteristics of the person who will use it: the perception of the cosiness and comfort of a mattress varies from person to person; today mattresses can essentially be divided into four main families: to find out which one is the most suitable for you, keep reading!

The spring mattress: when rest is tradition

materasso a molle

One of the most known rest systems. The spring mattress combines inside a series of springs joined together that can respond organically to the pressure exerted by the body weight.

Today, even with regard to spring mattresses, technology allows us to offer products with attention to the smallest details that can satisfy even the most demanding person; in our shop we present you the spring mattresses of the Simmons line: traditional springs for a rigid support and quilt in Memory and fibre to guarantee comfort on the surface and absorb the push of the springs.

The latex mattress: a soft support

materasso in lattice  

A friend of your rest, soft and hypoallergenic. The latex mattress provides a soft and comfortable support to the body and needs to stay on an open base, which allows it to disperse moisture and heat.

With its great elasticity, it adapts very well to motorized beds and bases and it is antibacterial and anti-mite, a feature that is able to maintain a very high level of hygiene for our bed. These properties are mainly linked to its alveolar structure which allows the correct circulation of the air inside it.

Mattress with independent springs: the perfect support for the lumbar area

materasso a molle indipendenti

Born from a Simmons patent, back in 1923, the independent spring mattress provides, unlike the traditional spring mattress, that each spring is individually bagged and can behave independently in response to the stresses suffered; this allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to the needs of our body, supporting it optimally throughout the surface. The research and development of this type of product did not stop: Simmons itself has conceived and patented the Biactive Smart Response system, which thanks to a special spiral guarantees a perfect support to the lumbar area.

Memory and foam mattresses: rest and innovation!

materasso in schiuma memory   

The new researches carried out in the field of new materials has brought, even in the rest area, great and interesting innovations: it is the case of memory mattresses, a revolutionary material particularly suitable for the production of mattresses and pillows thanks to its extraordinary ability to hold the pressure.

Tempur was the world’s first memory mattress manufacturer, which you can naturally find in our shop and in our online shop.

In our showroom in Piazzale Biancamano 1 in Milan, our staff is waiting to show you the best products for your rest: mattresses, pillows, bed bases and everything you need to guarantee the best rest you could wish for.

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