Anyone who suffers or has suffered from it knows this well: cervical pain is a very annoying type of disorder and can, in many cases, affect the performance of the most normal daily activities.Tingling, feeling of nausea, numbness, loss of vision, stiffness in the neck: these are just some of the very unpleasant “forms” with which this disorder occurs.The triggers of cervical disorders can be multiple: from the habit of maintaining incorrect postures, to stress, to lack of physical exercise.However, the quality of our rest plays a fundamental role in the prevention and “cure” of cervical pain.

Cervical cushions: an ally to defeat and prevent pain

A cervical orthopedic pillow has the task of providing the right support to the cervical musculoskeletal area, preventing or relieving the pain that may occur: during the day, due to bad postural habits or other factors, we subject this area to stress continuous: it is therefore right, at least during the hours of rest, to offer this area of ​​our body the relaxation it deserves! Resting technologies now offer a wide range of cervical pillows: from classic orthopedic models to the most modern memory pillows.

Choose the right orthopedic pillow for cervical care

Just like the choice of the mattress, the choice of the pillow for the cervical is also subject to various factors that vary from person to person: there are those who prefer a soft pillow, and those who need a more rigid support: in our shop the Our staff is at your service to guide you in choosing the right orthopedic pillow for you! Let’s start by saying that we can enclose cervical cushions in two large groups: the cushions designed for lying down and those for sitting use, to accompany you in your daily travel or work activities.In the range of orthopedic pillows, the study of materials has brought innovative results for what are the remedies against cervical disorders. Among the materials used, in our shop we prefer:

  • Very elastic latex in 3 heights
  • Tempur in thermosensitive viscoelastic, progenitor of the memory
  • Naturmemory Dorsal, studied with the physiotherapists A.I.F.I.
  • Dream blue Falomo in soft memory fresh

Anallergic and anti-mite, with great elasticity, the Lattice is ideal for those who suffer from allergies and not only.

The Tempur is the material that takes its name from the company that produces it: it is a viscoelastic material sensitive to temperature that adapts perfectly to the profile of the body, relieving pressure and guaranteeing optimal support, to then summarize its original shape in the absence of pressure.

Naturmemory is instead a memory foam based on natural oils, breathable and hypoallergenic, which ensures perfect anatomical adaptation, thanks to its ability to self-model, reacting to body heat. Even Memory Fresh is an innovative and eco-compatible material, which guarantees perfect breathability and moldability, adapting perfectly to our physical structure and eliminating excess heat.

Our range of orthopedic pillows and memory pillows for cervical is vast: come and visit us in our store, where you will have the chance to try them and choose the model and material that suits you, or visit our webshop!

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