Previously, on these pages of ours, we have spent quite a few words to guide you through the choice of the best mattress and bed base for your rest; today we want instead to “shed some light” on another very important element for our rest: the choice of the right pillow!

A very important element that guarantees the right and correct support to our cervical area, the pillow performs a very important task both for the quality of our sleep and for our daily health in musculoskeletal terms.

But how to choose the correct pillow?

Today the market offers us a remarkable possibility of models to choose from, divided by material and characteristics. Surely one of the parameters to take into consideration when choosing a pillow is the position we take when we rest.

The thickness of the pillow is a very important parameter, closely related to its consistency. If the pillow is too soft, in fact, the neck, not receiving the correct support “sinks” into it, while with a pillow too rigid the problem is reversed.

In both cases the cervical tract of the spine is forced to maintain an unnatural position, which the muscles try to compensate with an effort thus constituting a potential source of pain that affects our health during the day.

Even the material is an important element to consider: especially for allergy sufferers, hypoallergenic latex on in memory pillows are certainly an ideal solution, as they are anti-mite and can be washed frequently; in our shop is available to all our customers a wide choice of pillows of the most different types to satisfy every kind of need:

  • Cotton pillows, for lovers of freshness;
  • Pillows in goose down or synthetic fabric;
  • Latex pillows at three different heights;
  • Tempur pillows in thermosensitive viscoelastic;
  • Dorsal naturmemory pillows, designed with physiotherapists A.I.F.I.
  • Pillows in Memory Fresh.

For all customers who cannot come and see us physically in our shop, our webshop is at your disposal, 24 hours a day: look at our section dedicated to pillows and pillows!

Some examples of pillows for sale in our shop and webshop

“TuttoCotone” pillow

A pillow entirely made of cotton, for those who love soft sensations, and particularly suitable for those who suffer from heat or have a tendency to sweat a lot during rest.

>> watch it in our webshop

Tempur Classic pillow

Classic provides the correct pressure-relieving comfort to the cervical and spine and is particularly suitable for those suffering from back or neck pain.  

>> watch it in our webshop

Pillow “Confort Cloud”

A pillow that offers a “feather” effect that is extremely delicate and soft to the touch, combined with the solid support of Tempur technology.

 >> watch it in our webshop

Our staff is at your disposal to show you all the qualities of our products and to answer any of your doubts or curiosities: make your rest a true wellness experience! Contact Us!

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