Over the years, eco-leather has found a great deal of diffusion, above all because it is much cheaper than real leather and because it does not require particularly demanding maintenance.

However, if you have clothes, bags, chairs, sofas or for example a bed with a headboard in white eco-leather, you often have to deal with stains and dirt.

Below you will therefore find some useful and practical advice on how to clean white eco-leather.

In the meantime, it is necessary to specify that it is definitely better to wash the eco-leather by hand, and not in the washing machine, apart from the rare cases where the label suggests otherwise.

Be that as it may, you can proceed with a cotton or microfiber cloth, moistened with water and neutral soap, to be gently rubbed on stains and dirt. After that, a dry cloth will serve to dry.

Cleansing milk is another resource in response to the question of how to clean white eco-leather. It is important that the milk is absorbed by the product on which it is rubbed; in fact, in addition to cleaning and polishing the surface, its characteristics have the ability to nourish it, guaranteeing its conservation over time.

A useful ally is Marseille soap, but to be applied with a sponge: the result will be more than satisfactory, because, once you remove stains and dirt, the classic scent of cleanliness will be felt on the eco-leather.

And as unusual as it may seem, you can also use a putty rubber, insisting on the stain you want to remove. At the end of the rubbing, first wipe the affected area with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth.

There is also room for a natural remedy, among our tips on how to clean white eco-leather: water and white vinegar in mixture, and a microfiber cloth … You don’t need anything else.

And if the dirt is stubborn, never lose heart, especially if you have a little alcohol, nail polish remover and a universal degreaser at home.

Alcohol is in fact suitable for removing even the most difficult stains, such as ink: just pour a few drops on a cloth, rub where required, dry … And that’s it.

Equally effective is the nail polish remover; but remember to apply it with a cotton swab and rub without too much effort.

And last but not least, the universal degreaser. That never betrays. A few sprays and a few minutes of waiting for it to act on the dirt; after, wipe it with a damp sponge and then finish by drying everything with a cloth.

Here’s how to clean white eco-leather. After all, it is much easier than it seems …

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