La Cicogna Materassi

Milan’s Sleep Experts since 1952

La Cicogna Materassi, our company, is active on Milan’s sleep market since 1952, when we opened our first store.

Back then mattresses was made mainly of wool and horsehair.

Since the ’50 a lot has changed, but our company sailed trough those changes to build its experience, we now offer to help you find the right solution for your needs.

From 1960 spring mattresses came out, in 1980 they started getting harder and harder (orthopedic, as we called them) since some studies in early ’90 asked for more comfortable and ergonomic support.

From there on we have different support areas and different strenght for the same model, since people are different and body parts have different weights.

We are always looking for new technologies, but we deal and suggest them only when they prove to be better than the previous (or when they answer different questions) and not for change’s sake.

In the decades our role evolved as well: we were producers of wool mattress, then dealer, to bed and sleep advisors.

What never changed is our focus on your wellness and rest.