Hybrid Elite CoolTouch ™ mattress


Discover the most innovative Tempur® design: the TEMPUR® Hybrid Elite Mattress combines the exclusive TEMPUR® material, from the pressure-relieving and viscoelastic properties, to the Precision ™ MicroCoils system. This new technology consists of inserting the micro-springs, each bag separately, to offer maximum comfort and freedom to move.

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Made of last generation cold drawn steel, each micro-spring has a diameter of 45 mm, wound seven times and compressed in 10 cm of space, to provide immediate response and personalized comfort. The micro-springs work in perfect synergy with the TEMPUR® material to adapt perfectly to the body profile and react to any movement during the night.

n addition, the TEMPUR® Hybrid Elite Mattress guarantees an immediate response, adapting to the temperature, weight and body shape. Even when you are two, maximum comfort is guaranteed because everyone is supported separately, to guarantee an undisturbed and optimal rest.

The CoolTouch ™ lining technology is one of the key features of the Tempur Hybrid collection and is based on PCM, Phase Change Materials. This sophisticated technology provides that PCMs, by absorbing, storing and releasing heat, ensure perfect thermoregulation during rest. In addition, the 3D lining of the lining ensures greater air flow and, therefore, freshness.

Another advantage offered by Tempur is the practicality of this mattress. In fact, thanks to the practical zip, the elegant white and gray QuickRefresh ™ lining can be removed and washed comfortably in the washing machine, to allow you to have the bed always fresh and clean.

4 cm materiale Tempur evoluto
8 cm Tempur Dynamic support tecnology
10 cm Precision Micro Coils
3 cm Durabase Tecnology

Mattress height 25 cm

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Misure Simmons

120×200, 160×190, 160×195, 160×200, 170×190, 170×200, 180×200, 80×190, 80×200, 85×195, 85×200, 90×200

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