Hybrid Supreme CoolTouch ™


The TEMPUR® Hybrid Supreme Mattress combines the innovative TEMPUR® material, with its pressure-relieving properties, with the Precision ™ MicroCoils system, the micro-springs pocketed each separately and made of drawn steel, to ensure maximum support throughout the night .

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The TEMPUR® Hybrid Supreme Mattress is designed to provide an immediate response, adapting to the temperature, weight and body shape. And supporting each one independently, the partner’s movements are attenuated. So you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

Discover the special CoolTouch ™ technology of the lining. During rest, thanks to Phase Change Materials (or PCM), the heat is absorbed, stored and released, attenuating the cold and heat peaks and thus maintaining an ideal temperature for an incomparable quality of sleep.

The diameter of the micro-springs is 45 mm, each micro-spring is wound seven times, compressed in 10 cm of space. The Precision ™ MicroCoils work together with the high-quality TEMPUR® material to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, react to any movement and relieve pressure points. The result is a truly personalized rest.

3 cm materiale Tempur evoluto
5 cm Tempur Dynamic support tecnology
10 cm Precision Micro Coils
3 cm Durabase Tecnology

Mattress height 21 cm

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