Original Supreme Cooltouch


Experience how it all began with the original material developed by NASA to alleviate the pressure exerted on astronauts during take-off. The TEMPUR® Original Supreme Mattress guarantees the essential benefits of the TEMPUR® material, exceptional comfort and support, and is ideal for those who prefer a mattress with a rigid feel. All with the NEW fresh and breathable Cooltouch cover.

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The TEMPUR® material conforms perfectly to the profile of the body, soft in the right places and rigid where needed. By supporting the body in the most comfortable position, it reduces the need to continuously change position during rest, ensuring a truly regenerating night.

The Tempur® Original Supreme Mattress presents the CoolTouch ™ technology in the lining that is based on innovative materials called PCM, Phase Change Materials, able to perform an important thermoregulation task, releasing the excess heat previously absorbed and stored and thus reducing peaks of cold and heat.


The Tempur Mattress supports the weight of the body in the most correct and comfortable position, thus reducing the need to constantly turn over while sleeping

Ensures a bed that is always fresh and clean, thanks to the easily removable lining to ventilate the mattress. It can also be machine washed at 60 ° C.

2 cm Materiale Tempur
8 cm Materiale Tempur di sostegno
11 cm Durabase Technology

Mattress height 21 cm

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Misure Simmons

120×200, 160×190, 160×195, 160×200, 170×190, 170×200, 180×200, 80×190, 80×200, 85×195, 85×200, 90×200

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