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TEMPUR® material guarantees exceptional comfort and perfect adaptation to the body profile. The pressure points are reduced thanks to a homogeneous distribution of body weight. For complete comfort, the CoolTouch ™ Technology guarantees a feeling of freshness, while the QuickRefresh ™ coating is removable and washable thanks to the zip.

TEMPUR® Original Elite mattress guarantees the essential benefits with which TEMPUR® has conquered millions of people around the world. TEMPUR® space technology provides optimal lightness and support for the whole body. In addition to the pressure absorption in a uniform manner, the TEMPUR® Original Elite Mattress ensures the absorption of movements, also reducing the need to continuously change position during rest. If your partner tends to move a lot during the night, a TEMPUR® mattress is a good investment for the long term, ensuring you an undisturbed sleep.

One of the most interesting improvements of the new Original mattresses is the CoolTouch ™ lining technology, based on innovative materials called PCM (Phase Changing Material) that, as the name suggests, ensures cool and regenerating nights.
In fact, PCMs perform an important thermoregulation task, releasing the excess heat previously absorbed and stored and thus reducing cold and heat peaks.

Cleaning is also important: the QuickRefresh ™ washable lining allows you to pull out the mattress in just a few minutes, to ensure maximum freshness whenever you want. Every detail is designed to give you maximum comfort every night.

3 cm Materiale Tempur
9 cm Material Tempur di sostegno
6,5 cm Durabase Tempur
6,5 cm Durabase Tempur

Mattress height 25 cm

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