We have already talked recently about how good quality sleep is crucial to our health. However, the latter does not only depend on the quality of the mattress and pillow, but also on another fundamental aspect: the quality of the bed / bed frame

Without adequate support, in fact, even the best mattress can prove ineffective, in addition to deteriorating more quickly.

If your bed base, after years of use, tends to give way when you apply weight, it may be time to replace it.

Today, most mattresses are designed to rest on a bed base, whether single or double with curved slats, which guarantees a stable base and perfect breathability; essential for a good rest, especially when using a latex mattress.

In our shop we prefer high quality bed frames, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Dorsal line bed structures

Dorsal, a quality Italian brand, designs bed bases with resistant and high-performing staves: the slats, in multi-layer beech, are the heart of the support and include these unique features:

  • they are high performing thanks to the 7 layers that make the suspension flexible and resistant;
  • repel moisture, thanks to the film that covers and protects them;
  • guarantee long-lasting performance;
  • they are also unique in appearance, thanks to the texture of the sustainable wood with which they were produced.

All Dorsal bed facilities are also certified by IGR, an association consisting mainly of sports doctors, orthopedics, physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation centres and ergonomics specialists, present on the market for more than 20 years.

Furthermore, the Dorsal bed bases can be completed and enhanced with the Simplicity line of headboards, which allows you to customize your bed with a variety of colours and space-saving drawers.

Our beds

For those looking for a more complete solution, to bring an authentic touch of style to your bedroom, our store works in collaboration with a range of bed-making companies.

One of these is Ergogreen, a Lombard company that produces upholstered and wooden beds, which gives us the opportunity to offer technical slatted frames, with the option of motorized support. Located in the heart of Brianza, Ergogreen is a family-run company; cutting-edge in the design and production of high quality beds.



In our store in Piazzale Biancamano in Milan our staff are waiting to guide you in choosing your bed frame, mattress and pillow and everything that can guarantee you a wonderful night’s sleep.



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