In our previous articles we have spoken several times of the importance of a good rest; we addressed the issue of mattresses and pillows, bed frames and all the small but important devices that make our sleep and consequently our life better.

But what about our daily habits while we’re at work?

Having a correct posture during the day is essential to avoid problems that could one day have important consequences, such as musculoskeletal inflammations accompanied by pain that is certainly not pleasant.

How to remedy the possible occurrence of these problems?

Especially for all those who have a sedentary lifestyle, the ideal is to keep the body in a comfortable, correct position that our body accepts naturally, without constrictions.

A great help in obtaining this result is given by the ergonomic office chairs, which offer an ideal support to our spine, neck and knees.

In our shop in Piazzale Biancamano in Milan you will find the ergonomic chairs of two prestigious brands: Varier and Hag.

Varier ergonomic seats: the body at the centre of everything

Varier chairs are the result of a philosophy that places the human body as the starting point in the study and research of design.

Built respecting positions of relaxation without neglecting the right support for the body, Varier seats offer great originality in design with bold and unconventional shapes and at the same time excellent support to the vertebrae of the spine. Many Varier chair models are tilting, particularly suitable for those who spend more than 5 hours a day in the same position

Hag office chairs: well-being at work!

Since the 1940s, Hag has been constantly looking for solutions for everyday well-being in the workplace.

Designed to stimulate mind and body, reducing the appearance of stress, physical ailments and the physical and mental consequences of long sedentary periods, HÅG office chairs offer a tested and approved quality seating style, able to adapt to all needs and physical characteristics of the user.

From the more traditional lines than those developed by Varier, the Hag office chairs are equipped with wheels and adjustments and adapt perfectly to the most diverse work situations.

Hag developers and designers are not only concerned with our immediate well-being, but also with long-term well-being, minimizing the environmental impact of different production processes; which will surely be appreciated by our customers who are more sensitive to the issues of recycling and environmental protection.

Which ergonomic seat is right for you?

The best way to find out is to try them out!

In our shop we are here to guide you in choosing the ergonomic chair that best suits your needs: to make even the daily experience of the office an experience of well-being!

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