“Sleep and Technology”: a combination that today sounds more relevant than ever, given the great research that is being undertaken to find increasingly comfortable solutions for our rest.

Ergogreen, an Italian company (born in Brianza to be precise) in the early 70s carries out an excellent job of producing systems for both ergonomics and rest.

A company that over the years has been able not only to keep up with the times, but to anticipate them, keeping a careful eye on market demands and consumer tastes, producing pieces of excellence and always keeping the appearance at the forefront. Their products are made to measure and can be customised and modified according to the tastes of the individual customer. In our showroom in Piazzale Biancamano in Milan, ErgoGreen products are available to our customers who are looking for quality rest; the range of products offered ranges from slatted bed frames to complete beds, made with great attention to materials and details. For example:

Ergogreen “Asia”

Available in the sizes 160 x 190cm and 120 x 190cm, the “Asia” bed has a removable headboard and bed frame.

Design with a contemporary flavor, it will make your bedroom unique, but not only that the possibility to freely compose the different elements (headboard, feet, etc.) will allow you to obtain the perfect result for your needs. Ergogreen Asia is a bed of high quality and can be customised to adapt perfectly to the your home: waiting for you in our shop or on our online shop!

Ergogreen “Supreme”

All the quality of beech slats to guarantee the best rest you want! Ergogreen Suprema is equipped with a 6 × 3 cm walnut-coloured wooden edges with slats inserted into the edges using anti-rubbing plastic inserts.

Ergogreen Suprema guarantees excellent support for the lumbar area as it is adjustable and is also equipped with flexible slats in the shoulder area.

It is the ideal support for any type of mattress!

Ergogreen Suprema is  also waiting for you in our store, available in a wide variety of sizes, or on our online shop!

Our staff would be happy to show you and let you touch the quality of Ergogreen products: come and visit us and experience the quality of this Italian excellence!

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